About Us

Why Study With Us
Future Medical Training Center was founded to give students the opportunity to become medical assistants at an affordable cost. Our training center will provide real hands-on training that gives the skills necessary to meet clinical demand. We’ve taken a realistic approach in training with real patients in a real clinical setting. Students will be given real-life situations preparing them for six months allowing the students to obtain a career in the medical field.
  • Why We Do This?

    We want to give back to the community. How are we going to do this?  Our goal is to break tradition by offering the lowest tuition rates, making it more affordable to students, and to give the utmost realistic training possible.
  • Why We Created Future Medical Training Center?

    Throughout our medical career, we have come across many different new hires freshly out of their medical assistant program that were not prepared physically and mentally for a real life clinical setting.  We want to use our knowledge as a guide to help instruct the students to excel as a medical professional.
  • Our Goals

    Our goal is to thoroughly prepare students to succeed in the medical field with the proper hands-on training. Each student will be training in a real clinical setting side-by-side with experienced medical assistants.

Meet the team

Tony Covarrubias

Tony Covarrubias

Operations Manager
Miguel Covarrubias

Miguel Covarrubias